struct gitem_s From g_local.h


typedef struct gitem_s
	char		*classname;	// spawning name
	qboolean	(*pickup)(struct edict_s *ent, struct edict_s *other);
	void		(*use)(struct edict_s *ent, struct gitem_s *item);
	void		(*drop)(struct edict_s *ent, struct gitem_s *item);
	void		(*weaponthink)(struct edict_s *ent);
	char		*pickup_sound;
	char		*world_model;
	int		world_model_flags;
	char		*view_model;

	// client side info
	char		*icon;
	char		*pickup_name;	// for printing on pickup
	int		count_width;	// number of digits to display by icon

	int		quantity;	// for ammo how much, for weapons how much is used per shot
	char		*ammo;		// for weapons
	int		flags;		// IT_* flags

	void		*info;
	int		tag;

	char		*precaches;	// string of all models, sounds, and images this item will use
} gitem_t;