player_state_t From q_shared.h

// pmove->pm_flags
#define	PMF_DUCKED	1
#define	PMF_JUMP_HELD	2

// player_state_t is the information needed in addition to pmove_state_t
// to rendered a view.  There will only be 10 player_state_t sent each second,
// but the number of pmove_state_t changes will be reletive to client
// frame rates
typedef struct
	pmove_state_t	pmove;		// for prediction

	// these fields do not need to be communicated bit-precise

	vec3_t		viewangles;		// for fixed views
	vec3_t		viewoffset;		// add to pmovestate->origin
	vec3_t		kick_angles;		// add to view direction to get render angles
						// set by weapon kicks, pain effects, etc

	vec3_t		gunangles;
	vec3_t		gunoffset;
	int		gunindex;
	int		gunframe;

	float		blend[4];		// rgba full screen effect
	float		fov;			// horizontal field of view

	int		rdflags;		// refdef flags

	short		stats[MAX_STATS];	// fast status bar updates
} player_state_t;