struct entity_state_s From q_shared.h


// entity_state_t is the information conveyed from the server
// in an update message about entities that the client will
// need to render in some way
typedef struct entity_state_s
	int		number;			// edict index

	vec3_t		origin;
	vec3_t		angles;
	vec3_t		old_origin;		// for lerping
	int		modelindex;
	int		modelindex2, modelindex3, modelindex4;	// weapons, CTF flags, etc
	int		frame;
	int		skinnum;
	int		effects;
	int		renderfx;
	int		solid;			// for client side prediction, 8*(bits 0-4) is x/y radius
						// 8*(bits 5-9) is z down distance, 8(bits10-15) is z up
						// gi.linkentity sets this properly
	int		sound;			// for looping sounds, to guarantee shutoff
	int		event;			// impulse events -- muzzle flashes, footsteps, etc
						// events only go out for a single frame, they
						// are automatically cleared each frame
} entity_state_t;