Download the newest 3rd Zigock Bot II

3rd Zigock II Rago v0.97 archived these routefile q2dm1.chn changed to 006.9[RsF]'s work q2ctf6.chf q2ctf7.chf Download(489k bytes) other map's Chn route files,you can get it in routes section!
3rd Zigock II Rago v0.97d Download(175k bytes) Overwrite this DLL to 0.97's DLL.
006.9's Users guide
3rd Zigock II Rago v0.97 Users guide Download(45k bytes)
Source code
3rd Zigock II Rago v0.97 source code For building 3ZBII's gamex86.dll. Download(256k bytes)
Maj.Bitch's LCC compatible source set For building 3ZBII's gamex86.dll. Download(259k bytes)
3rd Zigock II Rago v0.96 Japanese instruction Download(5k bytes)