Deathmatch route files for 3rd Zigock Bot II

	Several .chn files zipped to each packs.

	Don't use this files on old version of 3ZB II
	(can use on v0.7 over)

	If you want more .chn files,go here!
			RsF HQ

Deathmatch maps route pack
Q2dmX pack q2dm1 q2dm2 q2dm3 q2dm4 q2dm5 q2dm6 q2dm7 q2dm8 match1 Download Chn pack(112k bytes)
DM64 pack base64 Download DM64 map pack(7,174k bytes) city64 sewer64 Download Chn pack(134k bytes)
XdmX(Mission pack 1) pack xdm1 xdm2 xdm4 xdm5 xdm6 xdm7 Download Chn pack(99k bytes) xdm3 Download Chn(25k bytes)
Ztn2dmX(Ztn's) pack ztn2dm1 needed v0.82 over! ztn2dm2 needed v0.82 over! ztn2dm3 needed v0.82 over! ztn2dm4 ztn2dm5 Download Chn pack(30k bytes)
TrdmX(Trebz's) pack trdm01a trdm02a trdm03a trdm04a trdm05a trdm06 Download Chn pack(51k bytes)
IkdmX(Fingers's) pack ikdm1 ikdm2 ikdm3 ikdm4 ikdm5 Download Chn pack(39k bytes) ikdm6 ikdm7 ikdm8 Download Chn pack(28k bytes)
XldmX(ProdigyXL's) pack xldm1 xldm2 xldm3 xldm4 xldm5 Download Chn pack(26k bytes)
Verm0X(Eric's) pack verm01 verm02 verm03 verm04 verm05 verm06 Download Chn pack(32k bytes)
Retinal(Retinal's) pack broken1 broken2 broken3 fixed1 Download Chn pack(25k bytes)
SpasmoX(JWS's) pack spasmo1 spasmo2 spasmo3 spasmo4 spasmo5 spasmo6 spasmo7 spasmo8 spasmo9 Download Chn pack(57k bytes)
CxdmX(ChemicalX's) pack New! cxdm1 cxdm2 cxdm3 cxdm4 Download Chn pack(72k bytes)
CxxdmX(ChemicalX's MP1 map) pack New! cxxdm1 cxxdm2 Download Chn pack(33k bytes)
Mission pack 1 Singleplay maps route pack
Reckoning pack 1 xswamp xsewer1 xsewer2 xcompnd1 xcompnd2 Download Chn pack(90k bytes)
Reckoning pack 2 xreactor xware needed v0.88 over! xintell industry outbase Download Chn pack(123k bytes)
Reckoning pack 3 w_treat badlands refinery Download Chn pack(91k bytes)
Reckoning pack 4 xhangar1 xhangar2 xship xmoon1 xmoon2 Download Chn pack(93k bytes)
id's Singleplay maps route pack
Base pack base1 base2 base3 Download Chn pack(27k bytes)
Ware pack ware1 ware2 Download Chn pack(30k bytes)
Jail pack jail1 jail2 jail3 jail4 jail5 Download Chn pack(84k bytes)
City / Cool pack city1 city2 city3 cool1 Download Chn pack(92k bytes)
Waste pack waste1 waste2 waste3 Download Chn pack(51k bytes)
Train / Power pack train power1 power2 Download Chn pack(32k bytes)
Fact pack fact1 fact2 fact3 Download Chn pack(40k bytes)
Biggun / Command / Strike pack biggun command strike Download Chn pack(43k bytes)
Hangar pack hangar1 hangar2 needed v0.89c over! Download Chn pack(44k bytes)