CTF route files for 3rd Zigock Bot II

	Several .chn files zipped to each packs.

	Don't use this files on old version of 3ZB II
	(can use on v0.7 over)

	If you want more .chn files,go here!
			RsF HQ

CTF maps route pack
LM CTF 21-30 pack lmctf21 lmctf22 lmctf23 lmctf24 lmctf25 lmctf26 lmctf27 lmctf28 lmctf29 lmctf30 Download Chn pack(284k bytes)
XMAP 01-09 pack map site xmap01 xmap02 xmap03 xmap04 xmap05 xmap06 xmap07 xmap08 xmap09 Download Chn pack(197k bytes)